Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Class Committee (Roles and responsibilities)

Dear Students,

Please take a look at the following appointment. Should you have any questions or strong objections. Please email me.

Executive Committee  
Chairperson Joe Averill Koh
Vice Chairperson Chin Tze Mei Jona
Secretary Hafiy Adam Johannes B Jasno J
Treasurer Ng Wen Jie Dalton Prescott
Sub Committee  
Welfare/ Service Learning Coordinator Marcus Tay Wei Xian 
Welfare/ Service Learning Coordinator Benjamin Chan Jia An
Cyber Wellness / Media Literacy Ambassador Muhd Danish Hakim
Cyber Wellness / Media Literacy Ambassador Joey Lim Hui Shan
NE Representative Chiam Jing Ru 
NE Representative Chng Bing Xuan
NE Representative Wong An Yi 
NE Representative Wong Chong Wei 
NE Representative Gabriel Choo Zheng Hao
Environment Rep Lee Jin An Keith
Environment Rep Fong Tze Ong 
Environment Rep Kwa Yu Liang
Environment Rep Adli Haziq Bin Abdul Ghani
Subject Representative  
IRS Rep Lim Yu Xun
S&W Rep (Red House) Lim Zheng Xu
S&W Rep (Black House) Joshua Kwan 
S&W Rep (Blue House) Muhammad Abraar Parandya
S&W Rep (Yellow House) Loy Yang Yi Samson
S&W Rep (Green House) Muhammad bin Mazlan
I&E Rep Edmund Ng Wei Liang 

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  1. Science Rep Wong An Yi
    English Rep Hafiy
    Maths Rep Keith
    ADMT Rep Marcus