Sunday, 5 January 2014

Orientation Day 2
On this day we did the high elements and I think everyone had the chills before and during the activity especially me. When we went to the first station, I saw my friends go up I wanted to go too but there was no more time so we went to the higher station and still no time. Then come the highest station,3 levels high-I think, I had to go or i missed my chance to climb so I went up with someone i would like to thank alot,Dalton. When i reached to the top, i looked down and saw how high i was and my legs started shaking. I started moving across the line holding the dangling ropes. The fear of falling struck me as i was unbalanced and holding the rope for my life. Dalton then said,"Remember this things are meant to be possible!Just hold on to your Rope and move on!" I was really encouraged and moved on. Slowly but surely made it to the end. (Dalton if you are reading this i am really thankful for what you have done)

What went Right

  • We trusted each other
  • We encouraged one another
  • We worked together better

What went Wrong

  • We did not give ENOUGH support

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