Monday, 6 January 2014

Reflection for 3rd January

At first, I felt really scared because of my phobia of height but with my classmate accompanying me, I was determined to complete the course. Although I fell, I was still proud of myself. Before this, I also did another high element course and I still could not conquer my fear of height. I will always try and will never give up to conquer my fear of height by going on high rides etc.

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  1. Today was a really fun and meaningful day.We played many games today...most of the games require trust,we show that,we got what we deserve.The games were obviously fun because its organised by our wonderful PSLs.All the games we play were part of the AMAZING RACE.We never achieve first place in the AMAZING RACE like we wanted to at first.We got second place which is good enough...I think its a pretty good achievement for our class.