Sunday, 5 January 2014

Reflection for Friday, 3rd of January

What went right

1. All of us managed to complete one High Element at least once. 
2. No one got hurt when we were completing the High Elements. 

What went wrong- 

1. We were late for the activities. 
2. Not everyone cheered for our friends the whole time. 
3. Not everyone thanked the facilitators/teachers after completing the High Elements. 
4. Not everyone thanked their friends for helping to ensure their safety when they were doing the High Elements. 


I think that the High Element were really scary at first, but after I realised that all my friends were helping to ensure my safety when I was completing the High Elements, I could concentrate on getting to the other side of the obstacle and soon found that it was really exciting. I also feel that having more of these activities can help to build the team spirit of our class as long as we help each other to complete the task given. 

I also feel very sorry for forgetting to thank my friends who belayed me and the facilitators who guided us throughout the whole time and helped to calm us down when we were afraid. I hope that I remember to do so the next time the school arranges an activity like this for us. 

Summary of Friday, 3rd of January


1. Complete Cyber-Wellness virtual poster by 2359, 4th of Jan.* 
2.Create Facebook group. 
3.Stay back on Tuesday, 7th of Jan to complete class decorations for Badge Night.
4. Create Class Whatsapp group. (I have done this.) 

 *Write name, must be A4-sized, and e-mail to PSLs (,, 

Monday, 6th of January


- School Uniform (Dark Blue Polo Tee + Skirt/Long Pants) 


- Orientation T-shirt + S and W Shorts 
-Primary School PE Attire
- 1 Extra Pair of Covered Shoes
- 1 Extra Pair of Socks and Underwear 
- Learning Device/Macbook (optional) 


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