Friday, 3 January 2014

Reflection of high elements

Today, I experienced doing one of the high elements. It looked impossible at first but my friends who were willing to go for it made me feel a bit safer, which was why i decided to be one of the first ten people to did the high elements. I also became one the many students helping my classmates as they did the high elements as a belayer, which was hard especially when they fell, but when a classmate is determined to continue, it gave me the strength to continue to get them back to the course. And lastly, i became a supporter to ensure my classmates' safety, who were doing the high elements, to the best i and the other supporter could. I remembered going up on the high element, which was scary as it was my first time up on the high elements and i was scared of heights, but as i was doing the high elements, people cheered and shouted advice like not to look down, and despite knowing that, i was reassured that my friends were looking out for my safety, which gave me a boost of confidence which allowed me to complete it. The cheering and advice from my friends were really useful and i was grateful for that, which led me to the decision to cheering on others whether i was belaying, supporting or resting. a I was glad there were others cheering them on as well as when they could. I learnt that with the support of others and teamwork, we can accomplish any challenge.To conclude today's high element event, it was really fun as we worked together to conquer the high elements and hope we get more opportunities to work together as one class.

Joe Koh

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