Saturday, 4 January 2014

Reflection On Day 2 Orientation (High Elements)

My Key Learnings for the 2 days of orientations:

I am happy to make new friends from my class as well as the seniors whom take good care of us during  our class orientation.  

Key Achievement for high elements :

- Belayers are focused to ensure the climbers safety
- Some classmates encouraged others when they were doing the high-elements so as to provide the necessary support especially for those who were afraid of height
- Overall, most of us managed to overcome our fears

Area where we can improve:

- Some classmates were doing nothing at all, hopefully in the future ,there will be more opportunity for them to try new things
- We were slow as a team to move to one station to another, hope we can do better the next time as a team

I hope to get to know my class teachers and classmates better as I progress in this school.

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