Friday, 3 January 2014

Reflection on Orientation Day 2 - High Elements

     This reflection is on SST's new sec 1's orientation day 2 which is a learning journey to absorbent minds; a group of experienced people teaching us about the basic rules and regulations, consequences if they are not followed and safety equipment which are to be used during the activity.
     There were the belayers who help ensure the safety of the climber, usually three belayers per person. There were the supporters who would catch the climber if he/she were to fall after a red mark positioned almost as high as an average man. Last but not least were the climbers, the person who will climb the ladder and carry out the elements.
     Most people would be afraid of the elements as they are very far up from the ground. A very little amount of people such like me could not complete the element due to phobia/fear of heights. People like that should take their time to overcome their phobia/fear of heights otherwise they will be afraid of heights for a long time.
     I would like to end this reflection with a message to the people who still have a phobia/fear of heights and those who overcome their phobia/fear of heights. Good job to those who have and keep on practicing if you have not. Thank You

Muhammad bin Mazlan

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