Monday, 6 January 2014

Reflection on Orientation Day 3 - Fun and Games (End of Orientation)

     This reflection is on the last day of orientation which ended sadly as we were leaving our PSLs(Peer Support Leaders). They were the ones who led us through the orientation program and helped us if we are in trouble during the orientation program. Our PSLs names were Alvin Tang, Jie Han and Gabriel. Three seniors in Sec 2 or 3 helped us and looked out for us during the program. Without them we would not have survived the orientation.
     So what have we done on this last day? Well, we had lots of fun and games to help us interact with our classmates even better. There were games such as 'Loop the Hoop' where we have to pass two loops from the first end of a people chain to the other end. There was 'Sponge War' also known as 'Dodge Sponge'. the game is exactly like 'Dodge Ball' except that instead of balls, we use wet sponges with clean water. the aim of the game is to wet the opponents newspaper which is hanging on two chairs as much as possible.
     These games were also recorded and every game we win we get a X and an O. Sounds like tic tack toe right. and it is except that there are no turns. We can place the Os as many times as long as e have them and the X, we use it to sabotage others targets. The aim of the game is basically get as many won games and sabotage as many groups to win.
     The time we had for these three days with the PSLs were fun and thats why it was sad to depart with them on this day. I know that the whole of S-103 would like to thank the PSLs who helped us during the Orientation. Thank You once again PSLs for your care and support.
     I would like to end this reflection with a thank you to everyone including friend's, teachers and seniors who got us more familiar with SST. Thank You

Muhammad bin Mazlan

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