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completed repost for CIVIL DEFENCE.

Civil Defence

Members: Joey (Leader), Yu Liang (Scribe), Chong Wei (Time Keeper), Muhammad, Joe
Context 1: (Question is below)

1961 Bukit Ho Swee Fire Broke Out
“Dark billowing smoke filled the sky...People were screaming and shouting, ”Fire,Fire”. This scenario was the first I had ever seen in my life; I had never seen a big fire that burnt down houses and places before. During the fire, many people were carrying cupboards, tables and chairs instead of saving lives of people and domestic animals. But there were some compassionate people who carried goats and pigs they reared, and their loved pets to safety. Through in crisis, human kindness was still publicly demonstrated. However, there were a few scrupulous people who looted the personal belongings of those who fell victim to the fire.”

-James Seah


  • I think that this is a great example of why the 5 pillars of defence each have their own importance as in this incident, some people were stealing while others were helping the others.


  • I think that if the 5 pillars of defence were put into action, lots more lives could be saved and more items that could be salvaged instead of wasting away in the fire. I also think that the selfish people there who only care about themselves and their welfare should help others who cannot save themselves such as the disabled, the elderly, the young and those who cannot escape the fire instead of saving themselves and furniture they want to save from the fire just so that they can save money but lose lives.

(Yu Liang):

  • I think that people should all help each other in times of need, or else many lives would be lost. Unfortunately, there are some selfish people that only care about themselves and make the situation worse by looting other people. If all people are like this,when there is a war or a crisis, people will be looting each other and hiding somewhere instead of helping to defend the country. So we must educate Singaporeans about the importance of the five pillars of social defence and let them play a part in social defence.

(Chong Wei):

  • I think that people should be more considerate and think of what is most dear to them, like domestic animals, instead of taking what is more valuable to them. There are many bad acts people commit in such times like looting each other and hiding without helping others.


  • I think the people saving their furniture were wasting and not using their time efficiently as furniture is replaceable whereas saving other people’s and animal’s  lives are more important as their lives are irreplaceable.
Question 1:

From the example of the Bukit Ho Swee fire, why do you think Civil Defence is important at the individual level?



  • Civil Defence is needed for the safety and basic needs of singapore so that life may go on as normally as possible during emergencies.


  • Civil Defence is required for the welfare of singapore in the country (unlike Military Defence) and helps the place in need such as places with fires, floods and other things that make it difficult to live in that state.

(Yu Liang):
  • Civil defence is very important so that when there is a natural disaster or outbreak of diseases, they will be there to help us and even save our lives.  

(Chong Wei):

  • Civil defence is important as it ensures our safety.


  • civil defence is important as it ensures that when there are emergencies, we are prepared and ensure the safety of everyone.

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