Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Hi. I'm just posting this on behalf of Bing Xuan.

IH - Complete the table about inputs, process and output in section 2 of the tropical rainforest Ibook
     - Do a mind map of the uses of forests

English - Re-Do your conclusion of the 'hero' composition
             - Do your corrections for the 'hero' composition

I&E - For those who have not send the PCA about rubber bands to Ms Lim, send it by this Friday
        - For those who is unable to send it, copy the whole thing and paste it on a new 'Pages' page

Science - (Just for Bing Xuan) Copy the entire science notes on the transportation in humans twice

Maths - Remember to do your Maths Viva Voce and upload it onto youtube by this Friday 2359
           - After uploading it fill in the 'form' on Maths Blog

ADMT - Complete your logo journal

If I missed out anything, please comment it down below. Thnx.



  1. Danish Hakim2/19/2014 8:37 pm

    Malay got any homework?

  2. yep.... do the pembetulan then email to cikgu arfah