Friday, 14 February 2014

Total Defence 2014

The 1964 race riots were a series of riots that took place in Singapore between Chinese and Malay groups. The first incident occurred on 21 July during a Malay procession marking the birthday of Islamic prophet Muhammad. In total, the violence killed 36 people and injured another 566. About 3,000 people were arrested.
"Although my neighbours were Chinese, we behaved like how we usually do. There were no ill feelings. In fact, they even protected us. They told us to stay inside when there are disturbances around. They told the Chinese rioters that our house was a Chinese house and not a Malay house...They helped us a lot."-Madam Salmah, recounting the situation during the 1964 racial riots when she was a teenager.
Learning from the 1964 racial riots, in what way can you do your part in the Social Defence of Singapore? [Point of View]
Suggested Answer:
Some ways we can do our part for Social Defence is to show acceptance and respect for other races, cultures, religions and lifestyles. In our daily lives, we can make the effort to learn about the customs, practices and heritage of other races in Singapore. This promotes understanding, mutual trust and support among the races.
Samson-Sad, say no to riots
Dalton-The people are unreasonable as they fight against each other over such a trivial matter. We must not be racist.
Tze Ong-I find the riots unnecessary as no matter what race or religion we are, we are still humans and there is no way around that.
Nicson-I feel hat people should not fight unnecessarily because they might hurt themselves unintentionally
Marcus-I feel that they should not fight but settle it verbally

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