Friday, 14 February 2014

Total defence

  • I feel that the people who have committed themselves to solve the SARS crisis is important, as without them, the crisis would not be solved- Adli
  • I feel that this is a good example of social defence as people has help to stop the spread of SARS- Hafiy
  • Everyone do their part in helping and put their lives on the line which is commitment and they managed to help stop the spread of the disease.- Zheng Xu
  • This is a very good example to show civil defence because the healthcare workers helped to stop the crisis- An Yi

Qu: Which pillar of defence did Singaporeans support during the SARS outbreak?
Ans: Social, civil, psychological

Evidence: For Civil,The doctors, nurses and healthcare service and people from the public came together to help their families, friends and loved ones during the 2003 SARS outbreak. For Social, everyone played a part to stop the virus from spreading any further.

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  1. I think Psychological Defence played a part too as everyone was motivated to help cure stop the virus from spreading