Thursday, 6 March 2014

Homework 06032014

Science - Mr Low would be collecting your Science files tomorrow
                A brochure about the 4 methods of birth control by tomorrow

Maths - The worksheet that Mr Ong gave us just now questions B1- B5

I&E - The slides about your washing machine or television and what makes a good presentation by next I&E lesson

CE - A video about the specific 10 C's that your group was assigned to by next Monday

ICT - Make a brochure about your CCA by tomorrow

ADMT - Finish up section 5 of your Logo Design Journal by next ADMT lesson I meant by friday 2359

If I missed out anything, please comment it down below...Thnx..


  1. HOW COULD YOU FORGET: Admt done section 5
    THX anyways

    1. Gabriel you must be polite online do not use CAPS for your letters
      (so rude 😡).

  2. Thx Adli. Btw I think we need to post the Science Google Sketchup by today 2359