Monday, 3 March 2014


Dã Hömėwòrk fôr tœdāÿ

ADMT - Finish up Logo journal
Science - Remember to post a screenshot of your google sketch up blood vessels onto the health science blog. Must be in order according to register number

Maths - Maths notes pgs 61,62 and to study for tomorrow's maths level test

ICT - Make a brochure using the 'elegant brochure' on pages about your CCA

I&E - Prepare the presentation on your 'washing machine' or 'television'. Presentation must contain the attributes, ALoU, and final design on your 'washing machine' or 'television' and must not exceed more than 5 slides

If I missed out anything, please comment it down below.Thnx. and also don't forget to subscribe XD

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