Monday, 21 April 2014


To all,

As you know that this week is environment week and tomorrow is environment day. Throughout this whole week, we are encourage to do some stuff to minimise the usage of energy used. Here are some ways we can achieve that:

1) Use the fans instead of the air-conditioner
2) If you're using the air conditioner, set the minimum temperature to 25 Celsius and use it only of certain days e.g.. odd/even days
3) Only charge your LD's when it is below 10% battery
4) Turn off the fans at let the wind of nature cool you instead

Other than minimising the usage of energy used, there are also various competitions that would be held:

1) E-posters:
All of the lower secondary classes are to design 2 e-posters related with the earth week. It is COMPULSORY. You are suppose to post it on your respective class blogs. The due date is on the 25th of April, this Friday. Failure to submit it on time, it would not be graded. HOWEVER, even though it is late submission, the classes are still to submit it.

2) Picture Taking Competition:
NOT a compulsory event. The theme for this year's picture taking competition is something to do with nature. You are to take a picture related to nature, write a short text about it and add the #EnvironmentWeekAtSST2014 via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email it to Jie Han (Our PSL). The submitted pictures would be posted on the 'environment wall' in the info hub. The top three best pictures submitted would win a prize. Not sure of the prizes.

3) Environment Quiz
NOT a compulsory event. There will be various environment quizzes that would be shared to all of you. If you are keen, do do (WOW)(DU-DU...Gettit..? XD) the quizzes. I'm not sure of the prizes but just do fun lor.....

Teachers are encouraged to wear green tomorrow in commemorate of earth day.

Happy Earth Week/Day Everyone..! :D

Your class environmental reps,
Adli, Tze Ong, Keith, Yu Liang


  1. Thanks Adli!!

    #EnvironmentWeekAtSST2014 !!!!!

  2. @adli is the environmental poster an individual or group project kind of thing?

    1. @jona....its a class-based project.... for more details....check ur email....