Friday, 11 April 2014

Homework for Friday, 11 April

  • Science Performance Task edit or make anew.
  • ADMT journal 
  • Science Worksheet (The one using PhET simulator)
  • Math worksheet pg 85-86
  • Print and do 'Solving Simple Equations.' From Dropbox
Please comment if I had missed out anything and remember to do your homework. :)


  1. I tried typing in the link for the science worksheet but it does not work. Can anyone send me their link? Thanks

  2. ok. I found the link use this one. the other one does not work for me if you face the same problem, use this link:

  3. Replies
    1. the thing too lag for me to do anything

    2. delete and re-download, then open in finder, right click it and click open. It should work if you have javaversionchecker.

  4. Is the science hw page 10-12?

  5. can someone email the math hw to me? cannot find it in dropbox anymore