Saturday, 24 May 2014

Holiday Homework

Guys....Here are the homework that we need to do during the June Holidays...

English: 1) Do your revision
              2) Do the "Blood Money" comprehension exercise (print out) - more details can be found in the google sites and english blog

Maths: 1) Do your revision
            2) Try to finish all of the maths revision exercise that Ms Tan gave
            3) Please try to attend the maths consultation and remedial classes
            4) Do the "Mission Possible" thingy - more details can be found in google sites, your email and google sites

Science: 1) Do your revision
               2) Do the 2 extra practice papers that Mr Ngoei gave. For those who did not received the practice papers, kindly download it from the google sites and print it out
               3) Do the exercise that Mr Low gave out during the "SST Congress" thingy

ADMT: 1) Create a 3D model of your desk tidy using "Google Sketchup"
              2) Check your email and edmodo

Important sites :
Google sites
Your email
Google Drive
Subject Blogs
Class Blog

If I missed out anything,....please comment it down below...Thnx... and have a great holiday..  :D!                

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