Saturday, 17 May 2014


Maths- Page 10 and 11 of the linear graph worksheet (Monday)
          - Try to finish as much of the revision notes/worksheets that Ms Tan gave out as possible (think  
             during/end of June)
          - "Mission Impossible"; check your email sent by Ms Tan (End of June)

Physics- Energy homework (Monday)
            - The 2 extra practice papers that Mr Ngoei handed out yesterday
            - If you have not shared your homework slides (page 6-10), please do so as soon as possible
IRS- Remember to do your research studies iBook; 1st draft to be handed in by week 10; for those
         groups that has members going to the GCP Trip, try to finish it before then

I&E- For those groups who still have not upload their "SCAMPER" slides onto the I&E blog, kindly
         do so

If I had missed out any homework,....please comment it down below...Thnx :D


  1. urm... its mission POSSIBLE. Nothing is impossible, you just need that will.