Monday, 19 May 2014


Hi.....i don't know who was suppose to update the homework for

Maths: 1) Do from pages 56-69 of the maths notes on foolscap paper and hand it to Ms Tan on
                the next remedial class- 26th May, Monday
            2) Check your email

Physics: 1) The 2 extra practice papers; if you don't have it, print it out from the google sites
              2) Those who have not handed up their Energy homework today.... Hand it up by tomorrow
                   latest by recess...

Others: 1) Do your reflection of the Common Test; questions are listed below the post below this post
                 To be handed up to I think....hmmm.....I forgot but you get the picture....but by tomorrow
                 during assembly....

If I missed out anything....Please comment it down below...Thnx :D

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