Thursday, 1 May 2014

Maths stuff

Hi guys,

Ms Tan sent us an email and there is an answer sheet attached to the email. This answer sheet is for the mock common test done on Tuesday. The same answer sheet is uploaded into our class dropbox. Please look through your mistakes.

If you have any last minute maths questions please feel free to email Ms Tan @

Anyways, if you have miraculously forgotten that we have to stay back on friday after our common test from 11-12, I am reminding you now.

All the best for your common test!!! Let's fight this battle together!!! No questions shall defeat us!!!


  1. uh...Keith? Why do we need to stay back tmr?

    1. M Tan wants to do some last minute class revision with the class.

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  3. Uh Keith common test is something we can't fight together... everyone has to do the paper alone sadly... Im sure if we all did the paper together we could get great marks