Thursday, 10 July 2014

ADMT Video- Designing a Lamp

Questions that were noted- 

Who is my target audience?

What should I name my product?

How do I improve on my lamp?

How do I manufacture in large quantity?

How do I test my product?

How do I evaluate my product?

How do I package my product?

How do I make my lamp? [Research before answering this question; go to shops that sell lamps/ go to museums/ search on the internet/ look up books in the library]

How do I research on my lamp? 

What is the material that I am using? Ans: Cardboard/ recycled materials (only for some parts of the lamp)

Why would I make my instuctions wordless? 

Where is my location?

Alternatives for my lamp base? [Idea]

How do I create my lamp base? [Idea]

What basic shape should my lamp base have? [Idea]

What can I do to make it safe? [Idea]

What is the colour of my lamp? Answer: Optional

Product Analysis


Highlighted text: Based on design consideration/criteria

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