Wednesday, 16 July 2014


IH: 1) The piece of paper that Mr Chen gave to us. Complete it and write the essay on a piece of
           foolscap by tomorrow

I&E: 1) CPS report by next I&E lesson

Chemistry: 1) EMC homework by tomorrow
Maths: 1) Level Test 2 Practice Paper by next Wednesday
            2) Percentage Summative Assessment by Thursday

ADMT: 1) Individual ADMT/EL PT Journal- Instructions are on Edmodo- by tomorrow
                Those who fail to complete it by tomorrow would need to stay back on that day to complete it

English: 1) For those who standing during english class just now, complete your homework twice and give it to Ms
                  Foo tomorrow

If I missed out anything please comment it down below...Thnx :D

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