Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Chemistry: 1) Kinetic Particle Theory Practical Worksheet by Thursday

I&E: 1) Next I&E lesson will be on next Wednesday, 1245 held either at the I&E Room or LO1
         2) Draft for digital poster by next Wednesday
         3) The piece of paper that Ms Lim gave to us during I&E lesson (sorry, I forgot what it was
             called), it's the one with the criteria and the top 10 ideas list, by next Wednesday

IRS: 1) Please have your iBooks at least 95% done by Friday

Maths: 1) For those who have not handed up their Geometry homework, Units 13.1 and 13.2,    
                please do so tomorrow
            2) Level Test Practice Paper by tomorrow

English: 1) Find any advertisement, explain about the different advertising techniques used in the 
                  advertisement  and post it onto the english blog by tomorrow

If I missed out anything...please comment it down below.. Thnx :D

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