Saturday, 26 July 2014


Hi....I'm just posting this on behalf of Gabriel....

Chemistry: 1) Separation Techniques Worksheet Flip Lesson Activity Pgs 3-7

I&E: 1) Next I&E lesson will either be on Tuesday or Wednesday, depends, 1245 held either at the
            I&E Room or LO1
         2) Draft for digital poster by next lesson
         3) The piece of paper that Ms Lim gave to us during I&E lesson (sorry, I forgot what it was
             called), it's the one with the criteria and the top 10 ideas list, by next lesson

Maths: 1) Direct and Inverse Practice Paper by Tuesday
            2) Study the answer sheet of the Level Test Practice Paper, Ms Tan will be emailing it to all 
                of us
            3) Alternative Assignment by 4 August

If I missed out anything...please comment it down below..Thnx.. :D            

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