Monday, 4 August 2014


Hi...I'm just posting on behalf of Keith..

Maths: 1) Direct and Inverse homework by tomorrow
            2) That piece of paper which has 4 graph questions on it (2 done during class) by tomorrow

Science: 1) Download and read the iBook

English: 1) 1st Informal Writing corrections by tomorrow
              2) 2nd Informal Writing completed by tomorrow

ADMT: 1) Ergonomics I and II by today 2359
              2) Individual Lamp Journal by 11 August
              3) Touch up and do at least until slide 4 of your Lamp Group Journal

IH: 1) For those who have still yet to find a group for IH, please do so and give your names to Nicson

IRS: 1) Complete your iBook by this Friday 2359, upload it into your IRS folder
         2) Complete your Video Presentation by Wk 8

I&E: 1) Email your digital poster to Ms Lim by today
         2) Email your group's roles for the presentation to Ms Lim
         3) Presentation Draft by Wk 7 (next week)

If I missed anything...please comment it down below... Thnx :D

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