Thursday, 7 August 2014

Maths: 1) 14.3, 14.2 , 14.1 Geometry

ADMT: 1) Ergonomics I and II (extension given)
              2) Individual Lamp Journal by 11 August,Monday, 5.00 PM. DO NOT EDIT OR EVEN OPEN YOUR JOURNAL AFTER 5.00PM OR YOU WILL BE DEEMED CHEATING.   
              3) Group Lamp Journal by 11 August

IRS: 1) Complete your iBook by this Friday 2359, upload it into your IRS folder
         2) Complete your Video Presentation by Wk 8

I&E: 1) Email your group's roles for the presentation to Ms Lim
        2) Presentation Draft by Wk 7 (next week)

If I missed anything...please comment it down below... Thnx :D

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